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206-496-9435 (Pete - band leader)

Hot Damn Scandal plays 'Cabaret Americana': a concoction of jazz, blues, swing, orchestral 

sensibilities, and punk rock attitudes. On the road they are a four piece: Musical saw, upright bass, trombone, and resonator guitar. When the travel is covered their numbers swell to seven with the addition of tenor sax, electric guitar, and a drum kit. They have performed all across the country and released two full length albums. They have headlined festivals, shared the stage with artists such as Jolie Holland and CW Stoneking, and seen radio play across the country. 

6 piece Northwest ensemble

8 piece Bellingham ensemble

4 piece touring ensemble

Burn it Down
Bitter Vein
Scarlet Hills
Hollow Man's Shuffle
Walk Me to the Shore (instrumental)
To Find the Lost

“Hot Damn Scandal performs music that seems to be carved out of the broken heart of the American dream… you feel like you have heard these songs all your life. These are your favorite boots, your lucky hat, your Saturday night shirt, your old dog that disappeared after the rain”

– Scot Casey, music writer

“It’s as if Django Reinhardt himself is sitting in with them, in spirit and sound”

– Anna Rankin, What’s up Magazine

“The songs are a mix of raucous minor key rockers and arrestingly tender ballads.”

– Robert Sarazin Blake, festival producer

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