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Venue Rider


  • Table for merch - at least 3’ x 3’

  • Meal for each band member - 3 omnivores and one pescatarian.

    • If there is no in-house food: vouchers and gift cards for neighboring food are great, pizza is also great.

  • Minimum 2 free cocktail-price drinks per band member or equivalent tab.

  • Any sets longer than an hour and a half will have at least one 15 minute set break.

  • Armless chair for Ani for musical saw

  • 7 functioning XLR inputs on soundboard

  • Contact with sound engineer and/ or clear communication about sound gear responsibilities at least one month before the show

    • If we will be using our own board with the venue’s speakers the space for it should be clear and all cables for the in house sound system should be available and clearly labeled. If we bring our own soundboard we expect an extra $100.

    • If we are using our own board and speakers we will need 1 dedicated outlet and 2 extension cords. If we bring our sound board and our speakers we expect an extra $200.

  • Green room OR an easily accessible storage area for instrument cases

  • Green room OR a private place to change and do makeup

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